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Rondo Music Bass Guitar Projects

Do you already have an extra bass guitar available for your defret project? Yes? Let's get started! If no, then you'll probable want to find an affordable one... I always browse Rondo Music to source project bass guitars.

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NEW Rondo Music Bass Guitar Projects

You are probably going to ask, "Where the heck do I get a decent bass guitar for a defret project? You know... if you already have a bass sitting in your closet with worn out frets then you're good to go! If not, you can search on or You can also find a used bass guitar in a pawn shop, or in the classified section of your local newspaper. I picked up a B-Stock jazz bass guitar from Rondo Music. The SX bass guitar was listed as "B-Stock" with two problems:
  1. There was some peeling on the pearloid pickguard.
  2. The body had some minor scuffs.

There was no way to repair the pickguard due to the nature of the peeling, so had to be replaced.

I couldn't detect any minor scuffing, even with extremely close-up inspection the entire bass guitar body.

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Pic of Rondo Music Bass Guitar Projects

Rondo Music SX bass guitars that would make great project bass guitars (click the pic for more detail):

Rondo Music  SX Pirate project bass pic     Rondo Music Project bass img     Rondo Music SX bass project pic    

Rondo Music bass guitar stock varies depending on when you visit there pages. Prices go up with build quality and hardware like tuners and pickups. Bass body colours and styles (jazz, precision, PJ, etc.) vary for you to choose from. Since that is true of most guitar makers, Rondo is right in line with the reputation and reliability of other musical instrument manufacturers. Plus, Kurt Zentmaier is instrumental [lol] in conducting business with integrity and honor.

I bought my Rondo Music SX bass project guitar including shipping for $130. I added an SX bass neck needing a nut slot cut, and a black jazz bass pickguard with the single-coil pickup rout to the order to complete my projects. Total with shipping: $173.34

This is the actual bass I got from Rondo Music:


Visit the Pic of Rondo Music Bass Guitar pages by clicking on any of the pics. Rondo Music has NEW bass guitars for just over $100. In my opinion, they are really good quality bass guitars. The electronics are cheap, and the machine heads (tuners) are somewhat less than, but the things that REALLY MATTER are simply amazing quality. The Ash body I received is a solid 3-piece natural matte finish. I love the resonance of this body! Can't wait until I have the project finished:

SX Project Bass Update

In 2009, I finished swapping necks, bodies, USA fender jazz pickips and a nice black SX jazz bass pickguard. This SX jazz bass turned out beautiful and can be seen at DIY SX Jazz Bass Guitar Project.

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