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Option # 1

Banners placed in this margin will appear on every page within the issue.

Click here to view some recent hit stats for Global Bass.

      Welcome, and thanks for advertising, or at least for considering to advertise, on Global Bass.  To order and/or pay for your ad, click on the Order Ads Here button at the top of any page.  Click here to view some recent hit stats for Global Bass.

This little mini site within our site is designed for anyone interested in advertising on Global Bass.  It's similar in design to our regular monthly online issue to more easily illustrate our ad options and how you can choose where your ad will be displayed.  Keep in mind that all prices are subject to change, and one way you can change them is with quantity discounts.  If you don't already have one of our staff as your personal advisor, please send email to sales@globalbass.com and you will.  

Option # 3

Banners can also appear within any article.   Banner sizes and quantity discounts will dictate the price of the ad.



Option # 2

Banners here will also appear on every page through the issue, but 5 ad banners will rotate in the spot.  Of course you could monopolize the issue by purchasing all 5 slots.  Banner size is standard 468x68 pixels.  



This page was last updated on 12/02/01.