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Option # 1

Banners placed in this margin will appear on every page within the issue.

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     You can easily see options 1, 2 and 3 on this page and throughout this demonstration.  The first four options pertain only to the online issue and it's permanent space within the GB Archives.  Described below are other options for advertising on our front page and other permanent pages throughout the Global Bass website.

Option # 3

Banners can also appear within any article.   Banner sizes and quantity discounts will dictate the price of the ad.




Option # 2

Banners here will also appear on every page through the issue, but 5 ad banners will rotate in the spot.  Of course you could monopolize the issue by purchasing all 5 slots.  Banner size is standard 468x68 pixels.  




Ad Descriptions:

Suggested prices: (not including multiple-ad discounts) All prices in USD, and subject to change.

Option 1 - An ad running vertically down the left column of every page within a month's online issue. One Month: $300  (140x300)  Top to bottom first come, first serve.

Permanent: $400  (140x300)

Option 2 - An ad running horizontally at the bottom of one fifth of every page hit in a month's online issue. One Month: $150

Permanent: $250*

Option 3 - An ad of any kind displayed in the body of an article within a month's online issue. One Month: $175 (depending on size)

Permanent: $300 (depending on size)**

Option 4 - An ad running horizontally at the bottom of the Contents & Outline pages within a month's online issue. One Month: $300

Permanent: $350**

The following options pertain to the main site for Global Bass.

Option 5 - An ad running vertically down the right column of our home page.  Prices depend on positioning and size, but can average around $500, reduced to $425 per month when 3 or more are purchased. 
Option 6 - An banner ad rotating with 4 others on 5 different pages within the main part of our website, including the main page and Global Bass Station.  The price is $200 per space, with a 5% cumulative discount for each additional space for the same month.  That means if you buy all five, you get a 20% discount on 4 of them.
Option 7 - A combination ad consisting of a home page ad (option 5) and a banner ad on every page within the monthly issue (option 1).  Cost, depending on size and placement, would be $650, a savings of $150.
Option 8 - A classified ad on a page that is linked from the top of every page within the monthly issue.  Classified ads are all permanent and the page will be available from every page within the issue.  The average price for a  200x280 space with text and link is $25, and discounts are available.

How to Order:


Monthly issue - or Month's Online Issue.  On the 15th of each month a new issue will be uploaded.  It includes a new virtual cover on the main (index) page, and a complete issue of articles that remain in the Archives section permanently thereafter.
Rotation Ad - or Rotational Ad is one that shares the space with other rotation ads.  It works like this:  Whenever anyone hits one of the 5 pages on which the rotational ads are displayed a different banner will appear.  There will be a total of no more than 5 banners in rotation at any one time.  

FAQ: Rather than listing what we say are the most frequently asked questions, and providing our carefully worded replies, we decided to add another forum ~ a message board where you can actually ask a specific question.  Go here to do that.  If you would rather email specific questions, send to sales at globalbass.com. 


* If you buy all 5 slots, they are all Permanent without an extra fee.  You can also use different banners if you like.  Each of the 5 banners will be displayed an equal number of times.  If you buy 3, you will be displayed proportionately more often.   


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