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2001:    The Smart Set: “Montreal 73” original tune featured in the promotional CD issued with “Il Giaguaro” magazine.

    Daniele Luppi: “Nudo rosso” featured in the promotional CD issued with “Il Giaguaro” magazine.

Helreidh: “Fingerprints of the Gods” CD (Underground Symphony/Pick Up Records). Also narrating voice and background vocals.

2000:     Daniele Luppi: “Opening Title”, movie trailer music for “The Opportunist” (U.S.A.) with Christopher Walken and Cindy Lauper.

1999:    Daniele Luppi: “La giovane in vacanza” featured in the “Ultradolce 2 ” compilation (Irma Records/Sony Music).

Daniele Luppi: “La Nudista” featured in the “’Mo’ Plen Brazilia” compilation (Irma Records/Sony Music).

    Daniele Luppi: Title Track and incidental music for “Cult Movies” TV Show (U.S.A.).

1998:     Daniele Luppi: original soundtrack for the short movie “Finders, keepers…” by Daniel Bronzite (U.K.).

    Daniele Luppi: “Cou Cou” featured in the “Ultradolce” compilation (Irma Records/Sony Music).

1997:     Helreidh: “Mémoires” CD (Underground Symphony/99th Floor). Also narrating voice.

1995:     Alex de Rosso: “Enemy of your dreams”; “Made in heaven”; “Head over heels”, from “Kickin’ the bucket” CD (Pick Up Records).

Alex and Ian Paice (yes, THAT Ian Paice) sharing an intense moment.


2000:     Songwriting seminar at Berklee School of Music, Boston (MA) - U.S.A.

1999:     Berklee Summer School seminars, at Umbria Jazz ’99.

1997/98:    Electric bass, theory and ensemble music classes at “Thelonious Monk” music school in Dolo (Venice), with Franco Testa, Maurizio Caldura, Pietro and Marcello Tonolo. Ensemble music seminar, held at the same school, by Paul Jeffrey, director of the Jazz Studies Department at Duke University (North Carolina – U.S.A.).

1994:     Electric bass class at “Sonor” music school in Ferrara, with Marco Marzola.

Italian swing with i Santi Senza Nome



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