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Bass News from around the Globe…


California, USA….Chris Squire

Progressive Rock Giants, YES, will be performing their first concert ever with an orchestra on July 28th, 2001. The event will be held at the Konocti Amphitheatre in Clear Lake, California.

For more information on this and their forthcoming tour, including a private party to be held at this event, go to:


ROY VOGT, previous guest of Global Bass, will be touring Ontario, Canada in the month of May. A concert review and an update interview will be done at that time, look for it in our June issue. Roy’s newest album will be in European release in May of 2001 on HOTWIRE/EFA Records.


Warrior Guitars, makers of world class basses, announce the sad news that their webmaster for the Warrior site, Steve Mikes, passed away suddenly on Sunday March the 25th,.  Their webpages are temporarily static while details are sorted out on the continued development of that site. Warrior itself, though mourning the loss of their friend and webmaster, will continue all other aspects of the business. Their website contains all relevant contact numbers.      


Starcastle, American `70’s progressive rock recording artists and previous guests with Global Bass, will be releasing their first album in over 2 decades, entitled CHRONOS--Volume 1 very shortly.

Eric Abrahamsen, owner of Sunsinger Records tells us that the new album will contain 3 songs from the very early days, including a never heard before release. As well there will be 6 tracks from the original demo for the “Fountains of Light” album, done as the band intended. We will be including an interview about the recording of the album shortly before it is released.


Jeff Berlin, definitely one of the finest bassists today, will be releasing his new solo album in the very near future. We will be talking to Jeff about this album on these pages in the first interview made available anywhere.                 


From our ‘dreams can come true file’

In our previous issue we ran a story with Tim Bogert, bassist for 60’s/70’s band Vanilla Fudge. It turns out that the gentleman that designs the sites for for Tim, and Fudge lead guitarist Vince Martell, has found himself in a dream gig.

Long an admirer of Fudge, Pete Bremy originally worked on a Vanilla Fudge site where he was ultimately contacted by individual members of the band,  who later collectively made his their official site. They hit if off so well, he ended up constructing a site for Tim and later for Vince. The kicker is that now is he bassist for Vince Martell, the guitarist for the Fudge. On top of all this, he even gets to play bass in live gigs with Vinny, covering some of the old songs that he spent so many hours listening to just as a fan. Just goes to show you that life can definitely be much stranger than fiction! Next issue we will be speaking to Pete about this amazing turn of events as well as his work with Vinny today.

Send us your news, tours, new release info, as it happens!


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