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Adam Faubli


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by John Joseph


Atlanta Georgia’s newest Rock Group ‘6 Against 7’s’ Adam Faubli talks to Global Bass’s John Joseph about riding the fast train to success... 

"6 Against 7" a hot new band has taken the main stage in the Atlanta music scene. Climbing the ladder of success can take a long time for many. Bassist Adam Faubli tells us about the bands quick ascent, and his steady journey and his influences along the way.

Global: Adam, Welcome to Globalbass Online! Let’s start by telling us a little about the origin of 6 Against 7. How old is the band and how did you get started?

Adam: The band is just under a year old, and is Jonathan’s (Shelton) brain child. So are the songs on the CD.

Global: At the "Summer Series Concert" last month Jonathan explained to me that the number 6 is Man, and the number 7 is God. Also Jonathan introduces the song "Late", and talks about how we can love someone, but consistently hurt them over and over. Even though we love them so much. He then goes on to explain how we do that to God. Who is in the band "6 Against 7" , Adam?

Adam: We are all Christians, but we don’t want to put a label on the music. We have a message that we want to get out there, but we don’t want a Christian rock label. We want people to hear and interpret it the way they want to interpret it without that label. At the same time if they get the message it would be great.

Global: So you’re saying a lot of metal heads and rockers out there aren’t going to listen to your music if you’re a CCM band, but they will listen and hopefully get the message because you’re a Rock band.

Adam: Right, we feel that with that kind of label we’re set up and everyone is watching for the fall. Without it everyone is listening more open mindedly, and start really thinking about the lyrics and say ‘YEAH!’

Global: The web site bio says, "influences that range from Radiohead, and U2 to Jane’s Addiction and Alice in Chains." But how would you describe the band?

Adam: We like to call it "Moody Pop Rock."

Global: All the songs are Jonathan’s creations?

Adam: Right now… we’ve written about three that we are working on right now.

Global: When we hit the web site and click ‘enter’, it’s awesome and very heavy, what is the song that plays then? Is that the actual band?

Adam: That’s Jonathan! He wrote it for the web site, and we are actually trying to work that out.

Global: So, Adam tell us about you as the bass player! When did you start playing? What type of bass and rig did you have?

Adam: Well my first bass was bought by my father, I forget the make of it. That was during a time when big hair was in; during the early eighty’s, and I was just kinda messing around with it when I was 10 to 11 years old.

Global: So you were in the 5th grade!?

Adam: Yeah, 5th and 6th grade, and my buddy in the 7th and 8th grade was a guitar genius and taught me a lot of things. For my 14th birthday my Dad bought me a P bass and a little Fender amp.

Global: Was that a Squire or Fender P bass?

Adam: Yeah, Fender Japan model P bass, and I played with that for a little bit and got pretty good with it. When I was 16 I got the Ibanez SR-500.

Global: You mentioned you have an Ibanez that you are using now. What model is that?

Adam: Yeah, it’s an ATK bass 4 string.

Global: So where did you live then, when starting out?

Adam: Up in Indiana, near South Bend.

Global: I read in the bio that you and Wes Quarles were in another band named "Blame".

Adam: Wes and I played together for a good seven years and played with a couple guitar players. Tommy Fame, we played with him for about four of those seven years and we got pretty big in the Atlanta area. But we decided we would branch off of course because we were the rhythm section, and that is the important part of the band.

Global: Well, I’ll certainly agree with that... the backbone. Now how long has "6 Against 7" been a band with the guys that are there now.

Adam: Close to a year now.

Global: Where did you record the CD?

Adam: At Dogwood Recording Studio in Conyers, GA.

Global: You guys are doing great then!

Adam: Yes really! We’re VERY excited. In the seven years that I played for "Blame" we hadn’t gotten near this far, and it’s only been a year.

Global: Can you attribute part of that to "The Battle of the Bands" at the Cotton Club in Atlanta which got you an appearance on the Radio Station 99X’s main stage?

Adam: Yeah, there are a lot of really good bands out there, but our manager Ricky Harrison is building relationships. He’s doing a real good job in representing us.

Global: Who are your influences… who have been your influences when you were younger and just picking the bass up?

Adam: Uh, the old bass player for Metallica, Cliff Burton. His playing style was more lead bass than a rhythm bass. I originally wanted to be a guitar player, but my dad taught me to play the bass.

Global: So how about your influences nowadays?

Adam: Classical music, I enjoy listening to the classics and hearing what the masters did. Take a step back in history, and see what the genius’s did, you have to respect that.

Global: Back to your current rig with the 1X15 and 2X10, it is a Peavey head?

Adam: It’s a Peavey Mark 8 head, but the ‘magic’ of my sound come from the Line 6 Bass Pod.

Global: At the Summer Series Concert I saw you strike the guitar body for effect. Is that an effect that you like and use now?

Adam: Yeah, I like to use it. With the bass guitar, the instrument is more of a feeling instrument. The guitar player is watching the band, and I’m feeling the bass. If you can’t feel the bass then you really can’t hear the bass.

Global: (Laughing) Forgive me for saying this; Bass players are a bit like drummers in that we like to feel what we play.

Adam: Right, we’re drummers trapped in a guitarist’s body.

Global: So if you need to feel the bass to be able hear the bass then what is your dream rig? What would you really like to have up there when the band is in concert?

Adam: About four 8X10 cabs from Ampeg.

Global: SVT stuff.

Adam: Yeah, and the SVT pro5 Ampeg head, and the Ernie Ball bass.

Global: Which one, the Sterling, the Sting Ray or 5 string, or the 6 string Silhouette?

Adam: I really would like to use the Stingray 5 string.

Global: Is there a particular brand of strings you prefer to use?

Adam: I have the Ibanez set up with GHS strings.

Global: Let’s go back to the band for a minute. You have a couple of Mashburn boys in there.

Adam: YES WE DO!

Global: That’s Michael, and Ricky.

Adam: Michael plays guitar, and Ricky is on keys and percussion.

Global: and Michael is older than the rest of you… what'd he tell me, he’s 40? (Laugh)

Adam: (laughing hard) He ain’t 40.

Global: No… (Still laughing) how old is he?

Adam: He’s 27

Global: His father is Michael and played with "America"?

Adam: Yes, he wrote songs like "Tin Man".

Global: Nice musical heritage.  So what is in the immediate future for "6 Against 7"?

Adam: This Saturday the 27th we have the Cotton Club, and then we’re playing for the Atlantis Music Conference on August 2nd at the Cotton Club again, and our manager is working on the next big date out.

Global: You’ve been getting air play on 99X Atlanta’s Alternative Rock Station, WRAS Georgia State University’s station. Are there any others?

Adam: Yes, of course 99X, and Z93! We have a Gentleman’s agreement with a management group from Atlanta and they are going to give Ricky tips and stuff like that to work with us.

Global: Adam thanks for your openness and time.

Adam: Yeah, it was good. (Laughing) You’re my first interviewer!

Global: Great! Remember me for the big scoop someday soon.


You can find out more on Adam’s band at their website:




John Joseph is a resident of Conyers, GA comfortably located east of Atlanta, and a recent victim of middle age. John has been playing bass guitar since 1970, and has been playing for Rockdale Baptist Church for 16 years. His recent escapades have been in the pit orchestra in five different musicals since March of this year, and Three musicals in 2000. “I’m looking forward to acting like a kid and using my contribution to Global Bass as an excuse.”




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