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Rana Ross


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On the 21st of November this year bassist Rana Ross showed all of the world that she's (in the words of Global Bass editor, Warren Murchie) "more than just a pretty face" by accepting the Los Angeles Music Award of "Most Outstanding Bass."

But, first, there is no denying she is a pleasant site.

And now the Los Angeles Music Award affirms that she is also a pleasant sound.  

This award is special because it was presented to Rana not because she's a dazzling girl bass player, but because she's the most outstanding bassist.  Period.  Certainly she has deserved every award bestowed upon her, and maybe some that weren't.  But, as Warren has pointed out in his November interview with Rana, the music world is still a tough place for women to be acknowledged as hard-working and talented.  Now there is no denying that she is  accepted for the sheer beauty of her ability.  

Congratulations, Rana, from the global world of bass players.

Photos by Russell Baer 2000, used with permission.



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