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Warren Piece


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      Well here we are, the actual end of the Millennium.  Notice the complete lack of fanfare? Did you also notice the world didnít end and the sky isnít falling?  Sadly though, I guess that means there are still gonna be guitarists out there. And most of them still honestly think we wanna be them.

Well this is our fifth issue,  and we have come so far in this past year. From what we felt was an amazing 10 thousand or so readers for our first issue, to last months tally of 96,000, is nothing short of remarkable.

Of course it is you we have to thank, coming back time after time and telling your fellow bassists about us has breathed life into this magazine. It also is giving us credibility with our advertisers.   Free in-depth interviews and articles, accessible to all are what we strive for and are achieving. That quality makes us valuable to those advertisers and in turn generates the income we need to develop this into a truly diverse, truly Global Magazine for bassists. It will be advertising revenue that will facilitate our being able to move this into a hardcopy version in the coming year. Thanks so much to all of you.

As you know, this issue has a really well written interview by guest writer, Christopher Buttner, with Geddy Lee. The fact of the matter is the Geddy is probably in the top five most influential bassists in this centuryís music. Most rock bassists have been directly affected by him and are quite proud to say so. As well, our chat with Percy Jones, once of Brand X, now playing with New York band TUNNELS, is both informative and uplifting.

An excellent article with an incredible builder of basses out of Toronto, Canada, VADIM tells of his journey from Russia to Canada and from have to use builderís nails as frets to creating world class instruments today.

Lucas Pickford is with us again and the guy never stops!! It seems every week he e-mails us with new articles and notices of his constant transcriptions of bass parts leaves me wondering if he even knows how to just sit down and relax!

We all know about the high-end bass amps build in the UK by Ashdown Amplification. Andy Long has spoken with Mark Gooday and has the lowdown on Ashdown for us.

Tony Senatore, a previous guest on our pages has an in-depth review of Dann Glennís newest CD, SUBHARMONIA and an interview with Elton Johnís bassist, Ken Passarelli.

Lastly and very importantly,  up until the 13th we are still accepting submissions for the free giveaway electric standup bass created by Alan Hatswell of BASSIX in the UK. The drawing will be held on December 15th, but there is lots of time yet to get your name in.  The bass is beautiful, in fact it is sitting here beside me right now. What a piece of craftsmanship!  Donít worry, I wonít get peanut butter and jam on it!     Submit, I tell you, submit!

Overall, an incredible issue, one we expect will give us well over a quarter of a million readers with Geddy on board.

Just wait till you see what we have in store for you in the New Year! 

Warren Murchie


Global Bass  

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Editor Warren Murchie 

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