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Eddie Gomez solo


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 by Lucas Pickford

Eddie Gomez is one of my favorite acoustic bass players in all of jazz. He came to prominence in the 60’s as part of the Bill Evans trio. I recall Eddie telling a semi-humorous story about how Miles Davis approached him to join his group for a tour but due to obligations to Evans’ trio he had to turn it down.  Not many people have turned down a gig with Miles but it proved to be the best thing for Eddie because he really made his name with Bill Evans and was such and integral part of the trio both as a soloist and as an accompanist. This solo on “Pools” is from a 1982 recording by the group Steps Ahead that, along with Gomez, featured Michael Brecker on sax, Peter Erskine on drums, Mike Maneri on vibes, and Don Grolnick on keys. Eddie shows his fluid, horn like improvising ability especially in the bass’ upper register. Much of this solo is written in treble clef to avoid the use of excessive ledger lines. Don’t be intimidated by this. It’s a great chance for you to brush up on your treble clef reading. Eddie makes use of modes, pentatonic scales, and many of the other things we’ve explored in my columns. My advice is to go through each phrase slowly and analyze which chord tones, passing notes, and scale degrees are being used. This is like taking a lesson with Gomez. Through his lines, he’s showing you the “Way”, to use a Zen term.  I suggest you follow him. Enjoy.


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