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Martin Peters
Zon Guitars
(650) 366-3516


Museum to feature instrument as part of permanent collection showcasing
innovation and milestones in the evolution of guitar.

Redwood City, CA-November 26, 2001 - Zon Guitars, a leading innovator and
manufacturer of guitars and basses, today announced the installation of its
Sonus Lightwave Bass in the Guitar Gallery at Seattle Music Experience
(EMP), the one-of-a-kind music museum devoted to interactive and
interpretive exhibits focused on popular American music.

The bass has been acquired for inclusion in EMP's permanent display in the
museum, which contains a unique and rare collection of guitars, marking the
incremental evolution of the instrument throughout history.  The fretless
5-string Sonus acquired by EMP features a composite neck and ash with
quilted maple body. The bass is powered by the LightWave infrared pickup
system that utilizes its optical pickup by emitting a beam of infrared light
across the width of the string to sense the movement at the bridge, the area
of greatest harmonic content.

"We're thrilled the Sonus Lightwave is included in the collection," said
Joseph M. Zon, President of Zon Guitars. "Our goal is to push innovation in
music instrumentation, and in bass specifically, through the design and
development of our products. The EMP exhibit is an excellent resource to
connect with musicians and interested visitors looking to better understand
the continuing evolution of the guitar."

According to EMP Senior curator Chris Bruce,  "The Sonus bass, with its
innovative design and integration of the LightWave pickup system, is key to
the collection as it represents significant advances that contribute to the
world of instrument design. The Zon Sonus Lightwave bass deserves to be
included in the historical continuum represented in the exhibit. "


About Zon Guitars
Founded in 1987, Zon Guitars manufactures high-quality bass guitars and
related products for musicians worldwide. Zon brands include the Legacy and
Sonus bass product lines and UltraSonic Strings and accessories. Founded by
Joseph M. Zon, the company operates from corporate headquarters in Redwood
City, CA. More information about Zon Guitars can be found at

About Experience Music Project
Dedicated to exploring creativity and innovation in American popular music,
EMP is a new kind of museum that strives to capture and reflect the essence
of rock 'n' roll, its roots in jazz, soul, gospel, country and the blues, as
well as rock music's influence on hip-hop, punk and other recent genres. A
total sensory experience awaits visitors inside EMP's dynamic structure.
Patrons can make their own music, see and learn about rare artifacts and
memorabilia from EMP's collection of more than 80,000 items, explore various
musical milestones within unique interpretive exhibits, and discover the
power and joy of music in all its forms. Founded by investor and
philanthropist Paul G. Allen, under the direction of co-founder Jody Patton
and designed by architect Frank O. Gehry, the 140,000-square-foot
multi-colored and "swoopy" museum rises up in the heart of the city at
Seattle Center and provides visitors a musical experience unparalleled
anywhere in the world. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EMP opened on
June 23, 2000 and is online at


Zon and Sonus are registered trademarks of Zon Guitars.


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