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Warren Piece


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The first issue of Global Bass for 2002 features one of our own writers on the front cover. As I mention in the article itself, I knew Brent Anthony Johnson‘s CD was due shortly into the new year. I expected good things out of him, because I know he is a great bass player, but frankly his CD outdid my expectations of him in every way. So I sidestepped the concern of playing seeming favorites and just went ahead with the fact that this newcomer to the truly big leagues deserved a chance to show what he is made of. Brent is a character of the first order and I am sure you will enjoy stories of his crazy life so far.  

We also have a recurring series of articles with our own Andy Long interviewing some of todays top Stick players. The series, called Stick Around will feature 3 Stickists per issue for the forseeable future, in effect setting up a seperate section in the magazine for this incredible instrument. Someday, if and when I grow up, I would love to own 1 or 10 myself! 

We also have our usual columns and some other special items as well.  

I am currently in Switzerland learning just how dumb I really am!  With the help of my fellow bassist and fiancé, I have learned of many other bass players I either knew nothing about or on whom I had completely missed the point.  

So with that in mind, now that I have the knowledge of some of these incredible European musicians, you will be seeing an increase in the number of bassists from this part of the world as well. I am humbled by how much I didn’t know. If I am working to portray this as a truly Global project, then I have a lot to do!  

Next issue will feature the legendary John Paul Jones, a talk with Tony Levin about his newest CD and many other surprises. Marcus Miller is coming through in March and I hope to have him as our cover story for April. All in all, just the beginning of the best year for Global Bass yet! 

I wish you all peace.

Warren Murchie        

February 1st, 2002




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