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Welcome to Global Bass Magazine Archives Online.   Each month we will update with all of the articles from Global Bass Magazine.  Click on the Archives link at the top of each page to go to the Contents page where you will find articles grouped by the month of publication.   Each article page has an "UP" link that will bring you back to that month's contents page.  You will always be able to view these articles free, and the search capability will make it easy for you to find that article anytime.  We also encourage you to participate in discussions of each issue by following the "Discuss this issue" link on the top bar of each page.

Our Mission

Our mission with Global Bass is to please everyone all the time, decidedly an impossible task.  But with your help we can accomplish that task more often than not.  Please share your opinions on how we can make this a better magazine for you by sending them to  You owe it to yourself.  Remember it's our mission, and you are one of us.



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