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Applying The Modes


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Applying The Modes

by Lucas Pickford

In my last article I described the Modes in detail. The fun part of course though is knowing where to apply them. Here are the chord types (abbreviated with chord symbols) that the respective modes can be played over. It's a good idea to practice the modes in intervals, i.e., 3rds, 6ths, etc., for the most melodic variation. These aren't the only scales that fit these chords, but the Modes are a great starting point for improvisation. I will be discussing other scales in the future that would also be relevant to these and other chord types. Stay tuned.

Ionian: C   Cmaj7   C6/9    C6
Lydian: Cmaj7    C6/9    D/C    G/C
Mixolydian: C7   C13    Csus4    Bb/C   F/C   Gmin/C
Dorian: Cmin   Cmin7   Cmin6
Aeolian: Cmin   Cmin7   Ab/C   Fmin/C
Phyrigian: Cmin   Cmin7   Db/C   Ab/C    Bbmin/C
Locrian: Cmin(b5)   Gb/C   Db/C


Special Scale Syllabus

By: Lucas Pickford

This is a syllabus that you can use along with the Modes sheet to give you the formulas for most chord scales other than the regular major and minor. There are many hybrid scales that aren't included here but this should serve you well in most musical situations, especially when we consider Dominant chords and their possible scales. Refer to the "Which Scales Fit Which Chord Types" part of this article to learn where to use these scales. Since the Modes were already addressed and where to apply them, it's taken for granted that you're familiar with them. The H means half step and the W means whole step. This is how you'll be able to build these scales in any key. All examples are in the key of C. Here goes.

Diminished Scale:

Symmetrical Diminished Scale:

Lydian Dominant Scale:

Altered Dominant Scale:
C,Db,Eb,E,F#,Ab,Bb,C - HWHWWWW

Pentatonic Scale(Major):
C,D,E,G,A,C - The formula is to use the 1,2,3,5,6,8 of any major scale to get the major pentatonic scale.

Blues Scale:

Locrian with Natural 9th:

Whole Tone Scale:

Melodic Minor Scale:

Harmonic Minor Scale:

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