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Wayne Jones Cabinet


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 by Mark E. Peterson


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he Wayne Jones Amplification ("WJA") system is one of the most solid and versatile amplification systems on the musical market today.  Australian bassist/designer Wayne Jones delivers a cabinet that clearly projects and has a warm, vintage sound.  WJA goes further by offering the bassist a chance to customize his/her own speaker sound with two attenuators.  An incredibly efficient cabinet, the attenuators (0 to -12db cut) supply even the most discriminating bassist with ample control of the highs and mid-range while retaining the bottom end. 

I used a variety of basses to test out the WJA: 1964 Jazz Bass,  Fodera Emperor 5 string, a signature Fodera Fretless 5 string bass and an AtelierZ 6-string bass.  

One word comes to mind: Clarity.  Truly impressive was WJA's handling of the low B string of my Fodera basses and the high C string of my AtelierZ bass.  With a range of 33hz to 20 kHz, the WJA system produced thunderously clear tones that shook everything in my studio (and a few things in my neighbor's house too - sorry!).  Chordal playing on the AtelierZ sounded clear and piano-like.  

In short, high and low volume performers will be pleasantly amazed with The Wayne Jones Amplification System!

Review by: Mark E. Peterson


Mark is currently writing for his second solo CD and co-producing several projects for film.  In February, he begins recording new CDs for guitarists James "Blood" Ulmer and Susan Werner.   Mark has accepted a position as a Goodwill Ambassador for the U.S. State Department.  To commemorate the centennial of Louis Armstrong's birth, Mark and his trio (guitarist David Gilmore and trumpeter Eddie Allen) will tour on behalf of the U.S. State Department, participating in a lecture/concert series to be held at embassies throughout the African continent.  Past Goodwill Ambassadors include Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. 

Mark was a recent guest in Global Bass Magazine.  You can find his interview in the Archive section in the May/June 2000 issue, or by clicking here.




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