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2001: A Bass Odyssey
World’s First Bass Looping Tour

featuring legendary electric bassist
Michael Manring with Steve Lawson, Rick Walker and Max Valentino

At the forefront of the emerging Live Looping Movement, legendary bassist Michael Manring, British newcomer bass sensation Steve Lawson and master percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Rick Walker will be performing as an improvisational live looping trio in the World’s First Bass Looping Tour. All three artists will be presenting short solo performances, along with innovative acoustic/electric bassist Max Valentino, and then the Manring/Walker/Lawson looping trio will take the stage to perform a long improvisational set drawing from the incredibly diverse musical backgrounds that these three versatile musicians bring to the table.

The “tour” begins in Berkeley, Ca. on July 5 and includes dates in Sacramento, Big Sur, and Santa Cruz with more shows being added. Look for insights, tidbits, and photos from Michael Manring, Steve Lawson, Rick Walker and Max Valentino as they share their feelings about this historical outing: The World’s First Solo Bass/Looping Tour.

Following on the heels of the First Solo Bass Looping Festival held in Santa Cruz, Ca. earlier this year (which garnered attention in looping circles around the world, and featured Steve Lawson, Max Valentino and Rick Walker) Lawson, who is good friends with Michael Manring, suggested that the two of them join up with Walker to try a bass oriented looping improvisational group. Walker having promoted several solo looping festivals was impressed by Lawson’s flawless looping technique and eagerly signed on, and invited Valentino, who recently completed and interview with Michael Manring for, to join the tour as a support act. Lawson, whose trip to the U.S. is being sponsored by ASHDOWN AMPLIFIERS, is also supporting his live solo bass CD, "..and nothing but the bass" on this tour.

Digital looping involves a musician recording a musical passage and then, in real time, cloning it and letting it repeat indefinitely, allowing the musician to take on multiple roles in the ensemble by switching parts while s/he plays to the previously recorded ‘loops’. The technology of digital looping has existed for the last eight years, but it has only been recently that this new musical art form has begun to emerge from its infancy. Evidenced by Live Looping Festivals occurring world wide in the last year and a half, there are musicians who do entire solo performances as ‘one-person’ bands. All three featured artists have been looping for many years and all perform solo looping concerts regularly. Elements of trance and repetition are major themes in digitally looped music and the new genre pulls from such diverse musical idioms as ambient, industrial, jungle, jazz, pop, progressive rock, abstract electronica and the avante garde.

Manring, Walker and Lawson have all been studio and touring musicians for many years in more conventional musical genres. Michael Manring is especially famed for his work with the Windham Hill label but has also played with avante garde artists, such as Henry Kaiser in his ‘Yo Miles’ tribute concerts. Rick Walker is one of the founding members of the world beat movement in Northern California and has been know recently for his forays into the world of abstract electronica and modern dance composition and has toured and recorded with Bob Brozman, Martin Simpson, Debhashish Battycharya and Babatunde Olatunji. Steve Lawson (who you recognize as a contributor here at Talkbass) is an incredibly talented newcomer to the scene, already turning heads and drawing the praise of some of the worlds’ most famous bassists. He has also performed with top artists such as Howard Jones and Johnny Markin. Max Valentino, another new and rising talent, has a prodigious studio career and has of late been garnering rave reviews for multi-layered solo bass performances.

the confirmed shows are:
July 5 , 2001 9pm
The First Berkeley Bass Looping Festival
featuring Manring/Walker/Lawson trio, plus Max Valentino
TUVA Gallery, 3192 Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA.

July 6.2001 7pm
The First Ever Sacramento Bass Looping Festival,
featuring Manring/Walker/Lawson trio,with Max Valentino
Borders Books & Music
2339 Fair Oaks Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95825

July 7, 2001 8pm
Second Annual Big Sur Looping Festival, featuring
Manring/Walker/Lawson trio, with Max Valentino.
Henry Miller Library,
Highway One,
Big Sur, CA 93920

July 8, 2001 San Jose (venue TBC)

July 9, 2001 8pm Rick Walker and the Rio Theater Present:
The 2nd Santa Cruz Bass Looping Festival - featuring Michael
Manring, Steve Lawson, Rick Walker, and Max Valentino.
Rio Theatre
1205 Soquel Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062





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