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Vladislav Filipovic


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Global Bass Magazine is pleased to be presenting the caricature drawings of Vlad Filipovic as a continuing offer to bassists and those who own one. 


For $50 US Vlad can draw an framable caricature of yourself or your favorite bass player. 

As well, he is offering prints of artists he has already drawn. In the ever expanding list of those artists included is Dann Glenn, Jeff Berlin, Michael Manring, Garry Willis, Jaco Pastorius and many others.

Global Bass in cooperation with Vlad will be offering in September of this year, 2002 Calendars with 12 of the worlds best known and most respected bassists. We will keep you posted on the availability of these collectors items that will double as great gifts. 

As shown in May's issue, Vlad is happy to draw you as a caricature or in a more realistic format.





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