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Warren Piece


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Every month I beat myself up over the fact that what I set out to do in terms of the amount of content for any given issue seldom if ever, meets my goal. Last minute delays are the biggest culprit, things I have no control over. "A' type personalities don't value that currency, however, and sometimes the only way I can find redemption is just to look at the list of people we have contributing from all over the world and the sheer volume of stuff, articles and interviews they submit, all on a voluntary basis. That silences the voice inside my head that hollers for more. For now.

We have a great issue here, and usually by about the 3rd or 4th of each issue I start to realize that every issue is really pretty decent. How else would we have over 230,000 hits last month? 

Our Cover Story...Jack Bruce, what can I say?  Every bassist over the age of 40 was profoundly affected by Jack. Now with this newest CD, a whole new generation can see what all the fuss was about. What a player! What a voice! 

Michael Manring, well this guy is actually so good, he is scary. He is also a perfect example of what I've talked about before. The more talented the artist oft time the less self absorbed. Michael talks about his new project 'Attention Deficit' and the close to one hundred thousand other things he is doing right now, all at the same time. Sit down Michael, you are allowed to relax! 

Some new writers on board this month, including a guy who goes by the moniker 'Low End Monster'. He specializes in 8 and 12 string basses and has a great column on a fascinating and for some, intimidating instrument.

Paige Garwood, also new, is one of two new writers who on a rotating basis will be opening the doors to Church Bass. An important subject I am pleased to have addressed in these pages. 

The ever prolific and much appreciated Lucas Pickford is with us again with his monthly column. As well, from Down Under, (where he says things are getting pretty cold right about now!), is George Urbaszek with his teaching column as well. 

Our dear correspondent Edith Hofmann writes us from Switzerland where she has caught a live seminar and clinic with Alain Caron.

Speaking of what names would apply, looking NOTHING like a Muppet character, GONZO, an incredible solo bassist from Hawaii, tells us about this unwitting tale of a calling card that is quickly turning into a career opportunity.

Brent Anthony Johnson, bassist, writer, all round career loon, is back again with a review on the Pod 6 effects rack, a bunch of other stuff too weird to describe and an interview with Mike Frost. He actually has more but I've asked him to just bloody well slow down!  Brent is also the kind of person that has 100,000 things going at any one time, but this is one of the reasons I like him and why I have suggested to him we should buy our medication in bulk.

Speaking of people not necessarily from this planet, Andy Long, our correspondent from Wales or Mars, I'm not sure, offers up an interview with Petander.

A few issues ago we featured a Cover Story on Chris Wilcox of LightWave Systems pick ups. Well, they are at it again, and Chris is with us once more talking about the new LightWave S2 pickup.

Our quest luthier for this month is George Furlanetto of F Basses, creator and builder of Alain Caron's incredible 6 string fretless. Building world class instruments for over 30 years, George has built a global network of credibility and integrity. He talks to us about not only where he comes from but also where he is headed and his plans for some great strides in growth for Furlanetto Basses in the years to come.

Lastly, Adrian Davison. Sorry about the tabloid title for the article. It just seemed to fit and besides that's what he said to me!  A few years ago a friend of mine gave me a couple of tapes from Adrian. Incredible solo stuff, complex playing with almost an Yngwie Malmsteen neo-classical bent to the music. I tried to find out more on Adrian but by then he had already disappeared. And I mean disappeared. All that was left behind were four great albums and a lot of questions. This issue features what could truly be described as a 'Where Are They Now?' column with Adrian. You will find out what happened to Adrian and why he left so completely. Also we will talk about his four albums, which he refers to as four chapters in his musical book and his immediate plans to compile a 'Best Of" album including a few never-heard-before tracks. A poignant story in that he won't be returning any time soon, but a revelatory one as well. Well worth reading!

Okay, one more thing!  Next issue will be what could loosely be called our Summer Issue. Over the months of August and September we will be combining issues. The issue will actually come out on August 1st but will tide us over until October 1st or until Marty and I can't stand it any longer and put out an issue.   The time 'off' will be used to retool the magazine a bit. Our goal will be to make it a better platform to promote and sell product from.

I am sure you have all seen the famous sign that goes up in the window of a shop right before the business goes out of business. It always reads 'Closed for Renovation'. Why I say that is that Marty and I want you to know that this magazine will be around for one long long time. There will be no 'Closed for Renovation' sign going up for us. Even if we had to pay for this out of our pockets, we would do this. He and I just want to take some time to look at ways of generating some bucks for more positive growth. Stuff like the Global Bass Logo 2002 calendar, ball caps and coats, bass guitar straps and so on.

A heartfelt 'Thank You' both to our writers and readers! Without the former there would be a lot less magazine and without the latter there would be no point. You are the 'How' and "Why' of Global Bass Magazine.


Warren Murchie

July, 2001







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