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"News Flash"

Renowned Bassist Releases Novel Based Upon His Experiences as a Combat Soldier in Vietnam
Fretless bass virtuoso/composer Dann Glenn is known to many insiders in the bass realm as more than a fellow bassist. Those in the know are also privy to a Dann Glenn forged and transmuted by the Vietnam Experience.  A young man shaped and forever changed by brutal combat in the infamous A Shau Valley from 1969 through 1970.
There is actually a motion picture about this place and this time, one which is not for the faint of heart. It is called "Hamburger Hill".  See it if you dare.
Dann has just finished his first novel based upon his life and times just before and ultimately deep within the raging insanity of the Vietnam War. His story deals with so much more than the typical epic war novel.
Not only will it give you insight into the man and musician we know in the here and now, this author of 10 both tortured and brilliant albums, but through the firestorm that is this book you will also have unwittingly bought a ticket to the wildest ride you will ever experience.
Take a journey through the mind of one of today's premier musicians, see from whence that which is both the beauty and the beast found within his music, began. The pebble that became the mountain.
Dann takes no prisoners within these pages as he invites us into his surreal examination of the human condition. This book will show you as much about yourself as it reveals about the author. This unbelievably riveting account also includes dream sequences that are absolutely stunning, disturbing and revealing. You may learn more than you care to know about the inner workings of this aweful and magnificent animal known as Humankind.

Dann Glenn's novel is entitled, Almost a Proverb.
Due out late 2001 on V Harris Publishing of San







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