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Warren Piece


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Warren Piece for June, 2001


Gonna keep it relatively short for a change...yeah right! Welcome to the June issue of Global Bass of course!  As each month passes, we take on exciting new additions to this wonderful journey we are on. Lee-Ping Jiang, a young bassist from Taiwan joins us this month in more than his previous capacity of translator. Lee-Ping offers up a fascinating story about a Taiwanese bass legend we in the Western World know too little of, a gentleman known as Joy Kuo.

One of the patently clear things we are realizing here at Global Bass is that there are always new people out there, strikingly good musicians we need to know more about. Through the generosity and efforts of people such as Lee-Ping, we are made more aware. 

Brent Anthony Johnson is hard at work in this issue, providing both our Cover Story with Alphonso Johnson as well as articles on Mike Rivard and reviews some rather interesting equipment. 

Andy Long, our Welsh and U.K. correspondent, serves up his usual welcomed fare as well. The guy never stops! I've told him more than once that this is not the Andy Long Magazine!

We also have many other stories from all over the globe this issue, and even more so in the months to come. 

Spanish luthier Jerzy Drozd talks to Global, providing insight into what surely has to be one of the most esthetically pleasing instruments we have ever seen. When I grow up, I am gonna get one of these!

We have a roundtable discussion shaping up in next issue, conducted by Steve Lawson and featuring the thoughts, view and insights of Steve, Michael Manring and Jonas Hellborg.  Steve keeps trying to suck me into the forum, but I never was one for diving into the deep end. But if I'm not careful, I may learn something!

Global Bass, in concert with Vladislav Filopovic, our staff cariacature artist, will be developing a calendar for the year 2002, featuring 12 of the worlds best known and most respected bass players. This calendar will be available for sale by September.

Also for those that are interested, Global Bass will be offering Global ball caps, t-shirts and other paraphenalia very shortly. We'll keep you posted.

Lastly, I wanted to draw your attention to something that I find quite remarkable and in no small way humbling. I find it interesting that a Global Music Magazine for bassists has drawn into it's folds contributors from all over the world, including people from social hot spots like Serbia and Taiwan. This was unintentional, but it happened.

It just kinda goes to show me one thing...that we as bassists, drawn  from all over the world, can share such a great thing,  such a huge and wonderful thing as music, and the bass guitar. For me, it makes all the troubles of the world seem just a little bit further away.  I don't want to oversimplify or trivialize world issues,  but I also don't want to under emphasize what we are all accomplishing here at Global Bass, both as writers and as readers. Thank you, all of you. You mean the world to me.


Now, shouldn't you be practicing?

Warren Murchie

Global Bass Magazine

May 30th, 2001








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