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Warren Piece


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Warren Piece for May 2001

Yes, there's a girl on the cover!  Global Bass welcomes our first female Cover Story, Carrie Melbourne. I first saw this young woman on a television special for Michael Oldfield's 'Tubular Bells III' concert just before the change of the millennium. She was playing a white Chapman Stick, (gotta get me one of those things!) and it was evident right then and there that she was a fine musician and bass player. 

The incredible Jeff Berlin is with us once again, only this time talking about his newest release, IN HARMONY'S WAY. As always, the very quotable Jeff provides us with an excellent interview. A complex, highly intelligent man, Jeff always leaves me thinking about our conversations days and weeks after the interview.

From our 'Dreams Can Come True' Files, we meet Pete Bremy and hear the inspirational story of how he became the bassist for his longtime musical hero. Not many of us get to play with someone we last saw in concert at the Fillmore East! A case of being in the right place at the right time, then add a huge helping of talent as well. Pete's story proves you don't have to settle and that you can succeed if you dream large enough dreams and are willing to do the necessary work. 

I am expecting a story any day now from John Wetton and when that becomes available, we'll post it right away. He is on tour right now, so check back in for that one. 

For myself, one of the more enjoyable aspects of the Internet is the ability to search for world class boutique basses. As my mom would say, a 'wine taste on a beer income!'   This issue contains a great talk with German luthier, Jens Ritter of Ritter Basses. Take a look at the stuff this guy is creating! As well, look for a review of his basses next issue. 

Next, we feature a great new addition to the magazine. Check out the article on artist Vladislav Filipovic of Serbia. This gentleman creates incredible likenesses and caricatures of some of the best loved and most respected bass players in the world. As well, he is offering, through Global Bass, to do one for you. You can have either your mug strewn across a poster or get one of your heroes etched instead. 

Also, the endlessly prolific Lucas Pickford is again with us, offering transcriptions and his monthly lesson. 

In the next few months, we will be welcoming many new writers to the magazine, and expanding our content to at least double the present level. Reviews of product and new releases will be coming in as well, something you have been asking for. 

I know I've said this before, but it bares repeating. Something that I find amazing is that through the immense generosity of some wonderful people right around the world, we are slowly becoming a truly Global magazine. Thanks to the work of these incredible individuals,  Global Bass is currently offering interviews in English, German, Italian, Spanish and soon there will also be interviews in Taiwanese, Chinese and Japanese.  Is there anyone out there that speaks Russian or other European languages that would like to join us? Just write us at 

Well, one last thing. A colleague of mine and good friend, told me recently that he had someone contact him thinking that Global Bass had called it quits. I have no idea where he got this idea, considering we are currently receiving an average of no less than 180,000 hits a month. 

To the point, we are so far from calling it quits that I found his question unnerving. Why unnerving? Well, it shows we still have to get the word out there even more than we have been. If you do a Keyword search on Bass these days, you will find that Global Bass Magazine comes up in the Top 5 every time. This is in no small way the direct effect of two factors. One is Marty Straub, the webmaster for this site. His tireless work connecting Global Bass all around the world has been key to this success. Secondly, and just as integral, is you. 

You have helped us so much this past 15 months, telling others about the site, and sending us notes of encouragement. When the word first went out that there was going to be another magazine for bass players available, a few of our competitors laughed derisively and told us not to even bother.

I am so glad that we didn't listen to them. Lesser driven people would have just said "Okay, you know best" and given up without even trying. With your input, and the willingness of some of the finest bass players in the world helping us, either through their suggestions and ideas or just being willing to be on our pages, we have carved out a position of integrity and respectability in the world of bassists that I did not think possible to achieve in 15 short months. 

All that being said, however, I want to ask you a direct question. In this I also need you to take the time to answer me...On a regular basis, we get asked when there will be a hardcopy version of the magazine. People offer to send us money for this, but we can't accept it. Of course, you must be thinking we are crazy for saying 'no'  to money, but a few hundred well intended subscriptions would not pay for the  incredible printing and mail-out costs needed.

We very much want to do a hardcopy version of Global Bass, but we need your direct concerted help and involvement. Again, it is important here that you understand that Global Bass will continue and grow over the coming months. We are not going away.

But I do want you to understand that we need to clearly know whether you want a hardcopy version. E-mail us at the address provided above and let us know what you think. 

We are also looking for some fresh thoughts on generating income for the magazine. Presently the magazine is funded quite literally out of our own pockets and the generosity of time given by our guest writers.

Certainly, investors would be welcomed! Also, a serious subscription drive is not to be ruled out. 

Well, enough of that! Even as you read this, we are already getting ready for our next issue. We think you will be impressed.

Till then...


Warren Murchie






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