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Big News for Fans of 

Global Bass Magazine!!


First of all, we would like to thank you all for coming back here repeatedly and for bringing your fellow bass playing friends along as well. 

Well, some great news, as of the November issue we will be improving our format somewhat. We will be moving to a monthly magazine position with even more articles and interviews. As well, and this is rather cool stuff, the November issue will include our first ever giveaway!  

We will be offering as a prize a hand made electric standup bass made by British Luthier Alan Hatsfield of Bassix Studios. This will be a custom built 3/4-sized BassMaster model Electric Standup. Alan is known for his quality work and is putting together a special model for us, loaded with all the bells and whistles. One of the truly innovative ideas that Alan offers from his web site are standup bass models that are designed to let the electric bassist make the transition to standup smoothly and effortlessly. He takes the sting out of many bassists’ fears, and allows players who would love to explore the world of stand-up acoustic bass do so without hurting themselves!    

Alan Hatsfield of Bassix Studios

Our Cover Story will be with none other than Jeff Berlin! When searching for a title for this story, Jeff suggested that we just simply say that this one will be not only the first interview about his new album due out in November, but it will also be where he sets the record straight once and for all on why he says what he does. A thoughtful man, Jeff has spent decades honing his craft and he has definite ideas on a lot of things he wants you to know about.

Now I have heard this guy play live over the phone during our chat, explaining a few of the things he will be including on the new album and I will say this about the new one. Set some room aside on your CD tray, you’re gonna need it! There are techniques on this sucker I have NEVER heard before!  

An associated story to Jeff Berlin’s Cover Story, is the interview with SINBOY bassist and L.A. studio musician, Rana Ross. Once a student of Jeff’s, Rana is taking some strong steps into what has long been predominantly a place for men. This intelligent, very attractive looking woman can play! Think of Jennifer Batten on bass!  

This issue we will be looking at three powerhouse web sites designed predominantly for bassplayers.  Beaver Felton, a killer bassist in his own right, talks to us about Bass Central, an incredible site exclusively for bassists.

Also Dan Lenard, owner of the Luthiers Access Group talks to us about his collection of the most exotic and best boutique basses he has yet come across, including my personal favorite, the Jersey Drozd. 

Third, we will be talking with Ed Roman. Now you have to see this guy’s site. The biggest collection of every imaginable bass I have ever seen. He also is a formidable collector that collects whole lines of an instrument, every model and every permutation. Talk about eye candy!

Two Special Interviews for you as well. Dann Glenn, composer/bassist and also known as the Mad Professor of Bass, is releasing his 10th solo album this month, entitled SUBHARMONIA. He and I were talking about some of the people that influenced us and drew us to the place we are in our lives as musicians. He mentioned Percy Jones and I, Mark King.  

So we tracked these gentlemen down and gave `em 50 questions. Many of today’s finer fretted and fretless players (and don’t forget slap and funk players!) owe a lot to these guys, so we thought that the newer players need a bit of ‘edjumakation’ on these brilliant musicians.  

We will also be including talks with people you may not have heard of, but you should know about. Dave Geschke, Geo Zmed, Paul Adamy, Tribus and others.  

Lucas Pickford, a guest of ours from the last issue, is submitting some articles on Transcriptions, something he is VERY good at. Well worth reading and well worth visiting his site.  

Our associate site on the net, is a Spanish site dedicated to bass players as well. The editor of the site, Sabastián Caffini, has submitted an article on Argentinean bassist Willy Gonzalez, translated from Spanish for our magazine. He will be including other interviews as the month’s progress. Also, visit his site for some other great interviews. Speaking Spanish is a requirement however. He has transcribed many Global Bass articles into Spanish for us and included them on his site, to reach the many bassists in South America and of course Spain.  

That brings me to this…We are looking for articles and writers from all over the world. We are also looking for bassists from every country to join us in our quest to truly make this bass magazine Global. Not just readers, but composers, luthiers, manufacturers of all things Bass. We have created a section called BassStuff Online, a place where bass players and those looking to buy gifts for them, can go to find items of all kinds related to playing bass. Albums, belts, shirts, picks, strings, straps, cases, basses, amps, the list goes on and on.  So if any of you have something bass to sell, let us help you.


And now for one last thing.  One of the nicest things about the fluidity of an on line magazine is that it can be updated any time, all the time. We will be developing an ongoing section for late breaking news, we will be including articles and interviews, giveaways and CD reviews on a constant basis. No more waiting for a month or two for the next issue of Global Bass Magazine. More are already planned for the November issue even now.

Well thanks for visiting, and please check back often!



Write anytime!



Editor Warren Murchie                       

Webmaster Marty Straub

             Global Bass Magazine




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