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Modes Of Harmonic Minor


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by Lucas Pickford


As we did the Melodic Minor Scale, letís see what kind of scales or modes we get when we go up the degrees of the Harmonic Minor Scale (HMS) and some possible places to use these scales over harmony.


C Harmonic Minor : C-D-Eb-F-G-Ab-B-C 
D Locrian #6: D-Eb-F-G-Ab-B-C-D
Eb Harmonic Major: Eb-F-G-Ab-B-C-D-Eb
F Spanish Phrygian: F-G-Ab-B-C-D-Eb-F
G Double Harmonic Major: G-Ab-B-C-D-Eb-F-G
Ab Lydian b3: Ab-B-C-D-Eb-F-G-Ab
B Diminished : B-C-D-Eb-F-G-Ab-B



These are some pretty weird scales so youíll have to do some experimenting with them as far as where to use them. These are just a few suggestions to get you thinking about the different possibilities. Once again the various names given to these scales or modes are not that important, just experiment with them and call them whatever you want as long as you know where to use them.


Cmin(maj7), Cmin7, D7 (#11, b13), D7 (#9), Dmin7, Dmin(b5), Ddim7, Ebmaj7(#5), Ebsus4, Fmin7, Fmin(b5), Fdim7,  G7(b9), G7(#5), Abmaj7 (#11), Abdim7, Bdim7,  B7 (b9).




Lucas Pickford can be reached via e-mail at PicksProductions AT yahoo DOT com 
and at his web site

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