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Warren Piece


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If left up to me this month, this issue would never have made it online at all. Thank goodness I am surrounded by talented and helpful people, that protect me from myself. They have also become tremendous friends. The truly cool thing is they are from all over the world! They are made up of not only people from different countries but also different temperaments as well. Hilariously funny to serious, thoughtful folk, they all feel like family. I donít care if that sounds corny, itís simply true.

As to why I almost completely dropped the ball this month, well, what can I say? I have met the woman of my dreams. Yup, the weird guy at the helm of this magazine is head over heels for an incredible woman. Believe it or not, she's a bassist too. I waited a long time for her and I have been a basketcase since! Suddenly I couldn't seem to focus on anything else. I will do my utmost to be normal in my interviews this month, well, as normal as I ever am, but if I start sounding like a 17 year old, try to bear with me. 

The down side of this is that I really fell behind. I didn't get things done that needed done. If I were an employee, I would have sent me home without pay. So if an article is not yet on line, it's my fault, no one else's. These great stories will be popping in as the month moves through the first few days, so check back. And yes, I paid the price for my tardiness. I lost an important friendship over it. No, not because of the romance part, it was the falling behind part that did the friendship in.

This month, 'Victa!' is back with us. This guy is an interviewer's delight. Now with another live solo album, we talk about many things, some of them even cover the bass. Our Special Feature this issue is an interview with Eddie Jackson, bassist for Progressive Metal band QUEENSRYCHE. Put together by long time fan of the band and musical marketing pro, Mike Ladano.

Also, we have a rather unusual feature this month. Author and fellow bassist Thomas Wictor has released a book called 'IN COLD SWEAT~Interviews With Really Scary Musicians'. A well put together tome of four interviews he fought for and wrestled to the ground, at times fearing for his life. He talks with the ever entertaining and primally charismatic Gene Simmons, as well as Peter Hook, Jerry Casale and Scott Thunes. Throughout all this, Wictor comes out as much a character as any he interviews. If you ever dreamed of what it can be like to interview a hero of yours, this is the book to read. You may change your mind. It ain't always like you think it would be.

Of course and as always there are many other features, interviews and lessons with our much appreciated return writers. Translations abound as well. Now here is the most amazing part...and I think it has a lot to do with the translations. Our readership increased by over 100,000 in this past month, reaching nearly 340,000 views. Incredible is just one word that comes to mind.

One more thing and I am gone, next month we will have a review on the RITTER Bass by Jens Ritter. Easily the most exquisite bass I have ever held, this 6 string beauty is a heart stopper. This is the kind of item they keep behind glass, heck, this is kind of bass that wouldn't let me even touch if it were behind glass. A collectors item, once the review is over, I will be offering it up for sale for Jens. But it ain't cheap! You won't be handing this to a drunk buddy!

Caption:  A 7-string version of the Classic Ritter Bass.


So, on with the show.

Warren Murchie

November 5th,  2001



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