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Warren Piece

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Warren Piece

From the Editor…

Warren Murchie

Originally, I had planned upon our lead story being the interview with Victor Wooten. Well, it turns out that ‘Vic’ is way way out of town right now and won’t be available till after August 4th. Shortly after that date we will be including that interview in the web magazine, so please check back around the 10th of August!

In the meantime, while deciding upon a suitable alternative, I was presented with the opportunity to talk with Chris Willcox of LightWave.  Chris is a very progressive thinker with a very progressive company out of California. LightWave has come up with one of the most innovative inventions for bass (and guitar) we’ve seen in a long time. Their news release describes it as an ‘Optical Pickup’ and is the world’s first non-contact sensor for transducing the motion of a vibrating string.

Unlike a magnetic pickup, there is no field affecting the strings. It is LightWave Systems belief that with no outside force acting upon the string, the true nature, and in turn the true voice of the string will be reproduced. Many of today’s leading bassists are raving about this new technology. From Stanley Clarke through Dann Glenn, Leland Sklar through Michael Manring, many of them calling this the best thing to happen to the true reproduction of the bass signal in years. This new pickup actually allows frequencies down to 8 Hz. This in a world where a bassist is hard pressed to find an amp that will just properly reproduce the low B on a five string!


It’s been said that if you look into recorded history, the dawning of a new century (never mind a new millennium) always brings with it great change. New ideas and new ways of doing things begin popping into the collective consciousness with the dawning of each 100 years. It seems fitting therefore not only to discuss this new pickup technology from LightWave, but also to take a serious look at some new Touch Style technology being presented by one of the original innovators of the instrument, Dave Bunker.

Dave has been doing some serious revamping of the way he has been approaching Touch Style over the past 40 years and he feels he has one of the most advanced versions to date. But now he needs to get the message out there to bassists and guitarists alike.

Also in line with the Touch Style method of playing, we will be talking to Steve Hahn of Boulder, Colorado, a tremendously good Stick Player and author of multiple albums. His method of decoding the mystery in the playing of Touch Style will really clear up any doubts you may have about tangling with a truly incredible sounding instrument.

We also welcome a bevy of ‘new’ talent, though in fact many of them have been in the business for years. Tony Senatore, Roy Vogt, Baba Elefante and Lucas Pickford. You may not have heard of these folks before, but you will be hearing more of them in the future. All four are exceptional players, all with great mindsets and all have something to offer that we can learn from.

Just a short note here once again to remind you to check back after August 10th for a great chat between one of Canada’s premier bassists, Orin Isaacs, our first Cover Story artist, and the great Victor Wooten. Victor was a guest of the television show that Orin holds the position of bandleader for as well as playing on Orin’s solo album, “Where I’m From”. So it seemed only fitting that we get these two powerhouse bassists together for a ‘meeting of the truly talented’.


We would also like to ask you to look into subscribing to Global Bass Magazine, now available in hardcopy. The only cost will be for shipping and handling, nothing more.

We also want to let you know that over the next few months we will be featuring a series of great interviews with some of today’s finest players; including something you see all too seldom. Rana Ross is one of the few true female ‘players’ in the world of bassists. A rare balance of skill and attitude, Rana will be shaking up some cages with her comments as well.

And talking about cage rattling, two issues from now in November, you will be presented with the rare treat of the first interview with Jeff Berlin on his newest album. Jeff is one of the true pioneers in bass playing today and with this newest album you are going to hear some new ways of playing you have never heard before~ from anybody! So you might as well get prepared to book some time for some serious woodshedding when this album comes out early in the new year!

Jeff’s Cover Story, entitled “Why Jeff Berlin Says the Things He Says” will be sure to catch the attention of many bassists. In this interview, he will be finally clearing the air on some of the opinions and ideas he has espoused over the years. There will be no doubt on how he feels about teaching, practicing and a myriad of other issues to do with the State of Bass Playing Today when he is done. It will prove to be one of the most controversial interviews we have done to date and a fascinating read!

So welcome to the third issue of our web version of Global Bass Magazine. Feel free to write us, visit our message board and offer us your comments, suggestions and ideas. Now shouldn’t you be practicing?





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