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Howdy all -
      The Global Bass Magazine has been in archive status for several years, and I recently discovered it! I spoke with the present owner, and agreed to host the site, and to attempt to resurrect it at least in some capacity.

What I see is a re-vitalized magazine presented in a similar fashion as before, but, with a different look and feel, sort of a modernization, if you will.

My contact information is HERE.

As you know spam sucks, so I cannot make it easy for anyone to simply scrape my email address. I have a safe and simple contact form at one of my other sites, so until I can get everything fixed up properly, It will have to do.

Please Contact Us!

Because I am new to this venture, and because it remains dormant as an archive of 20 amazing magazine issues ... I need your help!

Make contact so we can begin the dialog and get this wonderful magazine off the ground again!

Contact Us here...

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