Ritter Bag Giveaway Contest Winners

The winners of our January 15th draw for the Ritter
Gig Bag giveaway
are as follows:

Simon Knutsson
Rick Kline and
Bill Youngs

Two of these three people have contacted the site to
confirm they have won the bags. We will hold the third
bag until the 30th of March, at which time we will
award the bag to another contestant. This of course
will break Andy's heart, 'cos he wants it! 

More Global Bass Magazine Contests

Thanks to all those who entered the contest!  Many had
witty thoughts to add, some were outright begging, but
overall it was just an outright ball picking the
winners. As the year progresses we will be adding new
contests to our issues, so keep watching this website!

Warren Murchie
Global Bass Magazine

And if you're wondering about the so-called January 2002 virtual cover that appeared for the first few days of February, the photo is an adulteration of Andy Long's scanned hand, turned sideways and mirrored, then drawn on.  Some of the more interesting guesses were the bottom of Bob Marley's foot.  But, since this is Global Bass, that would be Family Man, but not.  Charles Mingus is one of my favorite composers, but not a good guess, though at least he is a bass player.  So far the winner is Mark "Surf Rat" Rowe with Mao "Tse Tung the morning after the 'Monsters of Metal' backstage after-gig party!"