Okay, I know.  I know.  We said we'd put up a new issue every month on the first of the month.  And with the help of so many wonderful contributors from around the globe, we usually manage to do that.  Many of you may have noticed that the Marcus Miller article for April is still not posted.  That is neither Marcus Miller's fault nor the fault of anyone at Global Bass.  Suffice it to say that it will be there when it's there, and when it's there (in the Archives) it will be there forever.  

Now as to why there is no May at GB.  Warren, our illustrious editor, has just returned to Canada from abroad where he finally met his lady love, and I , the webguy, just returned with my son from Victor Wooten's Bass/Nature Camp, a truly glorious experience I will try to share with you in the next issue.  So we're a bit behind.  Now if this was a venture where we were making money, or certainly if we were charging for GB, we would have had this all together.  But, like you, we too have lives to love.  We all love doing this and hope to continue forever, and ask that you forgive us our lapses.  

And now for your help...  Please let me know if you'd like to see articles posted throughout May as I complete them, with a notice appearing in the What's News section, or if you'd rather wait to see this rather huge issue we'll have for June posted together on June 1st.  


Warren Murchie
Global Bass Magazine