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Welcome to Global Bass Magazine Online.   Each month we will update with all the  articles from Global Bass Magazine's current issue.  You'll be able to view it online before you receive your hardcopy in the mail.  Simply click on Global Bass Online  and you will see the complete list of months available.  Click on the month you want to view, and you will see a list of articles.  After reading an article, simply click on the "UP" link to return to the contents page, or choose any of the links in the left column or at the top of each page.

Check the Archives for a complete listing of selected articles from previous issues as they become available, or Search for a specific subject, bass player or gear.  If you still don't see what you want, mention it through the e-mail contacts at the bottom of this page.  Thank you for subscribing to Global Bass.

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The Members pages of Global Bass Online is a password protected site that requires a user ID and password purchased from the publishers of Global Bass Magazine.  Please report any misuse to



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