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What's news @ Global Bass

January 07, 2002  Zon Sonus' Lightwave's Bass Chosen.  Read the news here.  

December 15, 2001  Global Bass is proud to announce the new CD release of one it's most prolific contributors, Lucas Pickford.  Listen to samples and buy a copy for someone for Christmas at Lucas' site now.

October 11, 2001  Global Bass is now being translated into French (See Billy Sheehan in French) by Galdric Lopez.

September 25, 2001  Victor Wooten is coming out with his new LIVE DOUBLE CD set Live In America on October 9th.

June 27, 2001  We just got some news regarding Michael Manring & Steve Lawson. so, thanks to Daniel Elliot, here is a preview of the July issue.

June 14, 2001  Gonzo's all-bass CD is now for sale at BassStuff Online.

May 30, 2001  Lee-Ping Jiang from Taiwan is now doing Chinese translations for the Global Bass community.  So far he has done Lucas Pickford and Alain Caron.  He also did a wonderful interview of bassist Joy Kuo.

May 07, 2001  You just have to see what Vladislav Filipovic can do with your bass heroes or your own caricature.

April 01, 2001  You'll notice a News & Special Additions listing in each issue now.  We will update the bass news from around the globe as it happens.

March 13, 2001  Thank Edith for our first German translation.  She will also be doing many interviews for all of us to enjoy.

February 25, 2001  We are finally ready to accept advertising ~ consider it here.  Next month we'll even have a Classified page so anyone can list an ad for next to nothing.

January 15, 2001  Thank Sean McMillin for our new logo.  You can find him helping others at PlayTheBass.Com.  He also did the banner for The Players School of Music for the January issue, and his site will be featured next month in our new BassCraft column.

January 12, 2001  Just got this in an email from a friend: Warren Haynes and Matt Abts are in the studio recording a tribute album
for Allen Woody, the late Gov't Mule bassist.  The disc will feature
several of Woody's favorite bass players, including Mike Gordon of Phish.
Also expected to sit in are Les Claypool, Phil Lesh, Alphonso Johnson,
Bootsy Collins, David Schools, Francis Prestia, and Flea.  The recording
process will be an ongoing project throughout the year.

December 22, 2000  The Italian version of Geddy Lee is available.

December 20, 2000  We lost a true bass champion, Milt Hinton.  

December 19, 2000  We finally have a winner for the BASSIX EUB.  Aron Topielski.  

December 14, 2000  We improved the Global Bass Search Page by using an alphabetical listing of bassists to link to specific articles.  

December 05, 2000  Stay tuned to the December issue for a special addition page.  Rana Ross, as many of you know, has just won the Los Angeles Music Award for "Most Outstanding Bass".  See the photos, read the news! 

December 04, 2000  Alessandro Arcuri translated the Jeff Berlin interview into Italian.  

November 23, 2000  Happy Thanksgiving to and from the States.  And a global thanks to Alessandro Arcuri for the 1st  Global Bass translation into Italian.  He chose Andy Long's article on Mark King.

November 11, 2000  Each issue of Global Bass will have a message board for readers to voice their opinions.  See the "Discuss this issue" button at the top of every page.

October 30, 2000  Hear Willy González, now playing in the  Global Bass Station.  And see an interview with him by Sebastián Caffini .

October 21, 2000  Sneak a peak at the developing November 2000 issue.  There's going to be a bass give-away from a UK luthier, Alan Hatswell at BASSIX.

September 27, 2000  BassStuff Online is nearly ready.  Check it out; Submit An Item.

September 20, 2000  Check out our new Subscription policy.  We're back to being  free.  

September 14, 2000  Join the new Global Bass Webring and bring many visitors to your own site.  

September 09, 2000  Try the new Global Bass Guestbook.  And of course you can still view the earlier entries through the same link.  We changed it to a new system that will prevent robotic spamming to those who leave their email addys.

August 19, 2000  New virtual cover for the Sept/Oct issue Back

August 17, 2000  Sebastián Caffini of is graciously translating many Global Bass Archives into Spanish. See the list of Spanish Translations in the Archives.

July 26, 2000  Click here for a preview of our next issue in progress and here for a message from the editor.

June 15, 2000  Please do not use the info@ addy to contact us.  There's some strange snafu there.  For general information, please send to

June 11, 2000  After completing the first two issues of Global Bass online, we decided to drop the idea of a Members Only section.  Click here for more details.

June 22, 2000  Added Spanish translations to 2 articles in the March/Arpril issue.  See here.  We are looking for translators to make Global Bass a truly global experience.  Inquire within.


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